A New Site…..

As I start a new venture in my life, I also relocate my Blog along with it.  I am starting a new business, a quilt retreat business that is in the works to be constructed.  Along with this venture comes this website and a private membership group to discuss what I call Intentional Quilting.  Most Quilters perform Intentional Quilting to some extent without even realizing what they are doing.  Can you imagine what could happen if we INTENTIONALLY Quilted healing and love into our quilts?

I have been busily working in the background getting things ready and together to launch and get going.  Now is the time.  I have a Facebook page.  You can sign up from the Facebook Page to the secret Membership Group.  This group is a pay/month membership group where you will receive a free block of the month pattern, video tutorials related to Intentional Quilting, and a Mantra of the Month.  Lots of value for the price.  This site also will give you a place to openly discuss Intentional Quilting without judgement or criticism.


If you are interested in taking this journey with me go to my Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/GentrieLeigh/ to sign up and tag along.  The first 20 people to sign up will receive the Membership for 5.95/month, which is a whopping $4 OFF a month!!!  This is an amazing deal considering the content you will receive.


The first Block Of The Month is a Chakra Quilt.  What better way to start off our Intentional Quilting!  This will last for 7 months, one row for each Chakra, one row per month.  After that there is another amazing pattern surprise to go out for you.

I look forward to the future of my new enterprise and to continue blogging with you.  I enjoy sharing my projects and my findings.  Life is amazing and wonderful and I hope to continue in sharing that with you, with my own prescription of humor of course!


Come join in the fun!





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