Another month Zooms by….

I have been working at another business that my boss owns for the last 2 months.  This is a retail/maintenance business that had bad management in charge and now there is some major cleaning up to do.  So stressful in some ways but a little fun in others.  I like working with the public most of the time.  Of course you always get that one odd ball that no one can ever please.  Cleaning up the mess is a bit stressful, although satisfying when you get a problem solved.

This change translates into not much sewing getting done and working double duty with my normal job.  Then we had family in town over Mother’s Day weekend.  We will have family in town again this holiday weekend.  Quilting Saturdays are now done for the summer and I am so sad.  Being able to leave the house and quilt uninterrupted is such a blessing.  I miss it already.

I did manage to complete another healing quilt top and have another started.  This all just in the last 2 weeks.  Mark took the girls to the river last night to hang with the paddle fishermen.  It was heavenly having the house to myself for 2 hours.


I feel like so much has been put on hold since helping with this other business, but I feel it is also serving a purpose.  I am not sure what it is at the moment, but it has been fun.  I have learned way more about trailers, axles, brakes and golf carts then I ever dreamed.  I have inventory numbers taking up valuable and precious memory space in my brain.  LOL!  Space much better used for quilty things.

We had a nice summer thunderstorm last night.  I love summer thunderstorms, but it is a little early in the season for these.  Makes me wonder what our summer is going to be like.


My website crashed there for  little while and it took me a while to figure out how to fix it.  I am obviously not a pro at these things.

UPDATE:  It is now the middle of June and I am back at my “normal” job.  The flood gates have opened so to speak and we are back in business.  I am moving forward with my site back up and running and time to work on other things.  Good news on the horizon for the retreat center.  We are moving forward and have received some great feed back locally here, all good signs that we are on the move and closer to buying the property and breaking ground.  Maybe within the next 3 years we will be under construction!


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