Finding Time...

This quilt was completed.  It is a quilt for the cancer center here in town.  I have already turned it over to them to be quilted and bound.


I finally got a sleeve on my Valentine quilt and hung it ON Valentines day!


I also got 2 bindings completed!  This is HUGE for this binding procrastinator!  Now to get the sleeves hung on them….


I am struggling to find time to do the things I want to.  I am sure we all have these issues as parents and working full time bridge jobs, trying to make our dream job take off.  I find sleep is where the cut gets made or else the items I need to complete to advance the dream job.  (Sometimes my body just says you need to sleep!)


There is so much behind the scenes to get this business rolling, even though it seems like I am doing nothing, I am buried in paperwork, endlessly.  Which takes away from actually quilting also.

Ah Well, the sacrifices we make.  It will all be worth it in the end!  I can feel I am so close!

In the mean time…….If you are interested in a Healing Quilt hit me up at or go to the Healing Quilts page on my website here to order!



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