Healing Quilts Launch

I am launching a new study group!  This study group is about Healing Quilts.  How many of you believe in the power of prayer, or prayer chains?  Do you believe miracles can happen with this power?  How about someone concentrating their energy on you or with you?  Anyone ever undergone Reiki?  Feel the amazing benefits of energy shifts that Reiki can accomplish?

Let’s look into something new.

20180329_001017 (1).jpg

I am starting a Healing Quilts Study.  I want to know with hard data how this is working.  This program is for people with severe or chronic illness such as, cancer, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic migraine/back pain, fibromyalgia.  Only people who are open to the possibility that this could help and are serious about being 100% honest in documenting for 4 weeks every day and a minimum of 30 minutes of continuous use may apply.


Each quilt will come with a Journal for you to document this journey with this quilt.  There is some background information to fill out in the beginning and then specific daily data to be filled out.  After your have completed your 4 week journey return the Journal only, yes you get to keep the quilt, in the self addressed/stamped envelope included in your package.  There is an authorization sheet in the back for us to use your testimonial information for promotional purposes.  (First names only.)


How do you “use” your quilt?  Simple, snuggle with it.  Sit in your favorite chair with it covering you.  Lay on our favorite couch with it covering you.  Take a nap under your new Healing Quilt.  USE it!  Then document in the accompanying journal your findings for the day.  It is THAT simple!

I will be issuing 10 Healing Quilts for this program.  That is it, 10!  What an amazing groundbreaking program to be a part of!  These quilts are all made with love and healing energy infused directly into the piecing, quilting and binding process.  They are filled with so much Healing energy and love you can feel it the minute you touch them!

You can sign up to be a part of this revolutionary program today right here!

Two (2) Healing Quilts are complete and waiting for a home.  Eight (8) more are on the production list and will be ready soon if you would like to get on the waiting list!  This program costs you nothing but your time and honest feedback.  Not even a stamp!

Join today!




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