Holiday Stresses

So who is totally stressed out over the Holidays?  I’m not, well, not because of Christmas.  I am because of the other work load I have to do, OK maybe not really.  You know what?  I am not stressed.  Should I be?  Probably.

I have a lot going on, as we all do. Kids, full time job, starting a new business, building a retreat center, conducting a research project, all fun things.  Yes I brought it all on myself, but how do we grow as people?  Do we sit stagnant in what we are doing day in and day out or do we take on new things, classes, interests and grow and learn?  Our whole purpose on this planet is to learn.  Learn from our mistakes, learn from our achievements.  Yes I have a full plate that I created myself, but you know what, I am NOT stressed.  I enjoy all of the things I am doing and none of them need my attention 24/7.  So it all works out in the end.

This is my Christmas project this year.


Don’t you just LOVE this fabric?!?  I do!  It is by Jason Yenter, Winter Solstice I think era 2011 (I know, RIGHT?!?!).  Elegantly woodsy, can that be a thing?  Sure it can, I just started it!

I drew up the pattern, similar to a feathered star but I was trying to make it simpler and a bit like a snowflake.  I’ll show you my progress in the next post.

We went on a family vacation last month over Thanksgiving.  (Maybe that is why I am so relaxed?)  Well, we bit the bullet and did a big Florida trip.  Couple days at Disney…..


We spent a few days in the Keys….


This was out our back door….

He was wondering why I was standing at the fish cleaning station with no fish, LOL!

All in all we had a grand time!  It was nice and relaxing and we got to do a lot of fun stuff.  The Keys were still in clean up mode in a lot of areas and some businesses were still not open, but we still had a great time!


Anyone else have this issue?  This is my temporary layout table for laying out my rows as I finish them.  It never fails this turd has to jump up and test the rows to see if they are cozy enough!  LOL!

Ever have this 1st world problem:


My peanut brittle and English toffee are stuck together!  LOL!  It still tasted good together, new snack idea?  Hmmmm…..


Well, I am signing off to get some items checked off my list.  Have a great Holiday season and find a way to de-stress, even if it means flying to Florida!





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