The Quilting Bug

I think I might have bitten by the Quilting Bug again.  Yay!  It has been 2 months since I have SERIOUSLY sat down and quilted.  Our group that meets once a month did not meet in December due to the holidays and too many conflicts.  Then in January my Uncle passed away and we were in South Dakota for a funeral for the weekend of the Saturday sew.

I feel like I have been totally deprived of the love of my life, and BOY is it coming out sideways!!


My husband texted me this picture at 6:21 am this morning.  I was contemplating my existence in the tundra at the time.  All you northerners know Exactly what I mean!  (wink, wink)  Our part of the country does not shut down for these things, so on with our day we went!


We will see if it will be warm enough for the little to make some more of these in the next day or two.  (I am going to guess no.)  Although there is enough snow.  It was so cold this morning the frost was dust!


Tomorrow is Saturday sew day again!!  Yippeee!!  I need to finish this little number.   Needs a couple more borders.  I have been debating if I want it a wall hanging or a snuggle quilt.  Stay tuned…..


This fabric is so stinkin’ cute!  Hubby liked it too.  He said it was cool.  I know, man of little words. (sigh)


……and then I have this stack to complete.  That pattern on top has a different pile of fabric that goes with it.  It will come also.  I have some situating to do tonight and gathering and packing so I am ready to head out in the morning.

Yes, it will be colder than my freezer outside tomorrow also but that will not stop us!  I am on a mission to quilt!  You can’t stop me, really you can’t.



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