Winter Cleaning

I have been trying to get a few things finished up.  Of course the best laid plans and all!  First I cleaned my baby.  I mean my sewing machine.  Boy did she need it!!  Usually I do not let it go that long but, well, that has been life lately.


Whew!  What an overhaul!  A little oil and she’s purring like a kitten!

Then I finished a binding on a smaller wall hanging.  Well, I attempted to!


A little contortionist move to get this shot….she was not helping me get over my binding procrastination!  She eventually moved so I could spin the quilt.  I got the binding finished and a sleeve put on and hung it on the wall.

Yesterday I also cleaned out my closet.  The part where my fabric is.  Wow, that small place can hold A LOT of fabric!  These pictures were from about the half-way point.





Turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.  I have a lot of quilts to get made that is for sure.  I should get on that right now.  Well, maybe after I finish this post…..


I bought these fabrics yesterday to make this little fox pattern from Angel Lea Designs.  Super cute!  (Yes I DID say I bought this yesterday after having just cleaned my closet.)  I know, I have a problem…..


This is fabric for a quilt for the retreat center.  This will be for the farm room.  Super cute don’t you think?

Yes, I am searching for fabrics for the rooms in the retreat center.  I have 13 queen size quilts to make.  A girl has to get her shit together sometime.  Funny, me having my shit together!  Hehehe!


Well, that has been my recent activity.  it has been raining all day today and now it is 25 degrees with a real feel of 9 and it snowed a bit.  Yep you got it, can you say ice skating rink?  Someone local had asked about when open skate was tonight, I wanted to respond anytime you want right outside your door!  I refrained as some people frown on my sarcasm.  LOL!

Anyway, keep on quilting!




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