Something Brewing.....

I have been called to talk in my Blog here about Intuitive and Intentional Quilting. What are these? What does this mean? Well, it would honestly depend on who you ask. To me it is a way to infuse intentional energy into a quilt. I believe all artists do this naturally. It is why they say they give a piece of themselves with every piece they create. It is actually, really true.


Now I could go all metaphysical in this discussion and talk about calling on your guides and angels to help you channel energy into your quilting. I could also go all scientific on you and discuss how everything on this earth is made of different forms of energy (neurons, protons, atoms and such) so does it not make sense that you can exchange energy with anything?

We all do it every day of our lives, exchange energy. Leave an energetic foot print everywhere we go. How many of you believe in the power of prayer? What is prayer, but calling upon a higher power to facilitate a specific outcome?

I have incorporated these theories into my quilting and conducted my own studies and experiments. Whether it is within my own personal quilts being given to family and friends and just being observant and noting things. Or the actual study I did where I made Healing Quilts and gave them specifically to people with chronic pain and asked them to honestly record their findings before, during and after using their quilt. It was truly quite amazing. What did I find? That energy can heal. That you can infuse your or a “higher” energy into an object and that object can affect people in a positive way.


Other national studies have been conducted on art and quilts and the affects they have on the people making them and the people receiving them. I do not think they delved as deep as I did but they basically came to the same conclusion. Art and quilts can affect the people making them and the people receiving them in a positive way. Is this a miracle cure all? No, although I know a few people who may say yes to that.

What do I believe it does? I believe the positive energy allows your body to have a chance to heal itself. Mind over matter, taking away the negative chatter in the head long enough to allow the body to do it’s thing. Opening a door to allow the good vibes in to help. Once you open that door, the love and energy can come flooding through. Do I think art and quilts are some sort of magical cure all? No, I do believe it allows for the opportunity. Sometimes all a miracle needs is the belief and the opportunity.


So all of this ultimately comes down to my new Quilt Retreat and Class. I am in the process of getting a quilt retreat center built. I have also developed a quilt retreat geared around teaching people how to Intuitively Quilt. I am taking this Quilt Retreat on the road until the day that my retreat center is actually built. I am planning one for this fall (if all the stars align). I am limiting the number in attendance to a max of 15 unless the center it is held at cannot hold that many.

So who is in with me? Are you open to a whole new way to quilt? Ready to jump out of the traditional quilting rut and explore? Come join me! I will start posting places/dates/times as soon as I have all the details ironed out. Let me know what you think!



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