So third times a charm…..let’s see if this version can get deleted before I can post it.

I have had a few distractions this month. First we spent some time at the local watering hole. No, not the bar! A small local lake that the kids love to hang at and is pretty popular with the locals. We saw lots of baby fish and some turtles laying eggs.


Then we made a “quick” trip to Great Falls to pick up a vehicle. We stayed the night with some old friends we have not seen in a long time. We stayed up way late reminiscing also. Heading out on Sunday morning hubby took off ahead of us so he could stop and fishing all the good fishing holes on the way home. The little and I stopped at one of my FAVORITE places E-V-E-R!!


It was wonderful. Thennnn, I got hubby’s quilt back from the quilter! I think it looks great. It has minkie on the back so we did not want a “stiff” quilt job on it. {giggle, snort} Anyway, I wanted to keep it snugly.


I have been working on the unicorn quilt also. Changing up an element in it. I hope it turns out well. I will keep you posted. Follow my Facebook page for updates.

Getting excited for the quilt retreat this fall. Hope some of you can come. It is going to be so much fun!