Short Summer

The end of June was my Birthday. I got myself a present.


That is a fluorite wand, not a good picture I might add. I have not dived into the mushroom book yet but boy have I been absorbing the Alchemy of Herbs book. I have been in and out of it so often it looks like I have had it at least a year. So much information and recipes!


The summer has been moving amazingly fast. Can’t seem to have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything so , of course, I don’t. I am not sweating it though. It will all work out in the end.

We went camping one weekend. This is also tough now that the oldest has a summer job we have 3 schedules to work around.

Hell Creek Camp Grounds @ Fort Peck Lake

Hell Creek Camp Grounds @ Fort Peck Lake

I did get Piper’s top done. Again pictures really do not do it justice. While it is NOT my style at all, she loves it so much! I have to piece the backing and then send it off to the quilter. I am just debating which quilter I want to use.


She choose a bright rainbow tie-dye style minky. She has always liked loud and bright. I hope she loves it a long time.