Healing Quilts


Do you suffer from chronic pain?  Side effects from medications?  Overwhelming emotions or stress?

Try out your very own healing quilt!  These quilts are infused with healing energy, much like getting Reiki done.  Just laying under or on this quilt will help alleviate your symptoms to allow your body to heal itself.

How do you “use” your quilt?  Simple, snuggle with it.  Sit in your favorite chair with it covering you.  Lay on our favorite couch with it covering you.  Take a nap under your new Healing Quilt.  USE it!  Then document in the accompanying journal your findings for the day.  It is THAT simple!

That quilt is not only beautiful but so comforting and healing. It’s amazing.
— Anonymous

These quilts are all made with love and healing energy infused directly into the piecing, quilting and binding process.  They are filled with so much Healing energy and love you can feel it the minute you touch them!

You can have your very own Lap Size Quilt (approximately 5′ x 6′) for the LOW price of $400.00 USD.  Every pattern is original and unique to you.  Tell me your favorite color and we will get it in there.

We are talking a handmade quilt infused with loving and healing energy JUST FOR YOU!

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There is a 3 month lead time on every quilt not including shipping time.

Healing Quilt
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